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If the sun ever fails to rise,

If the stars ever fail to fill the sky,

If the moon ever fails to return,

I'll still be here loving you.

If the ocean dries up,

If the rivers disappear,

If the earth just vanished,

I'll still cherish you.

You've helped me grow.

You've been here for me through everything.

You've shown me that you care.

You are my sun, my stars, and my moon.

I owe you everything, plus some.

I cherish you and the love you have.

If the sun ever fails to rise.

If the stars fail to fill the sky.

If the moon ever fails to return.

I will still treasure you.


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You Are My Seasons

You were my sunshine in the summer,

And my flowers in the Spring,

The one to fill my heart with love,

When no one else could do a thing.

Now the sun's behind the clouds,

And the flowers have gone with a sigh,

You're like the leaves of Fall,

That just flutter right on by.

You're like snow in the winter,

Which brightens me up while you're here,

then you are gone, and I wish

You were back to take away these tears.

But as I said in it all,

There are things worth waiting for,

And you are the most important one,

So please come back, once more.

And, please, instead of being snow that melts,

Or flowers which will die,

Please be the pictures of these things,

So I can hold on to you, during all this time.

-Tana Holland-

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Long Distance Love

When it hurts so bad,

why does it feel so good?

I wish this all made sense,

I wish I understood.

Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,

but I can't stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try.

You know how I feel about you,

and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,

but it's so hard to do when I can't even be next to you.

Why does it gotta be so complicated?

Loving you feels so right,

but at the same time,

knowing I can't have you keeps me awake at night.

I just want this to be simple,

I just want you here with me,

to look into your eyes,

be held in your arms... then I'd truly be happy.

Right now this distance between us is out of our control,

but I'm still hoping one day soon,

I'll get what I'm wishing for.


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I Can't

You can't make me stop loving you...

It is simply too hard to do.

Like the stars and the moon

Stand out in the sky,

You stand out in my life.

Like the rays of the sun complete the sky,

You complete my life.

I can't stop loving you...

It's too hard to do.

I ask myself, why did I deserve

Once again to be put through hell,

when all I did was love you?

I will always love you...

I believe my heart will always be in your hands.

My soul and my life will always be a part of yours.

I simply can't stop loving you...


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I Want...

I want to hold you, stroke your hair

I want to let you know I care

I want to open up my mind

so you can see my love is kind

I want to make you understand

my love is gentle, hold your hand,

and touch your face and kiss your eyes

make you believe I speak no lies

I want to let you deep inside

so you can see I do not hide

so you can know my love is true

so you can feel my love for you.

-Barb Carlson-

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When I remember the night

You held me in your arms,

Everything seems all right.

But then I think of the dance,

When you walked away.

Leaving me afraid to take a chance.

You left me feeling confused and sad.

So many mixed signals.

You're driving me mad.

I wish I knew how you felt,

Because when I look into your eyes,

I begin to melt.

I wish I could see,

What goes on in your head so I could begin

To understand your feelings for me.

And even though you cause me so much heartache,

I continue to love you every hour of every day.


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Love is Like an Ocean

How can you explain a hurt,

That runs so far and deep inside?

You can laugh and smile,

But the crying doesn't subside?

To me, it's like the ocean,

Which seems so blue and clear.

But when you go down deep,

It's full of darkness and fear.

It seems like it goes on forever,

That the happiness would never end.

But then you reach the shore of reality,

That sometimes isn't a friend.

But after every ocean, there's a lake.

Which eventually runs into a stream.

So, I pray for you the pain will lessen,

And maybe soon it won't be so extreme.

-Melissa Brunner-

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Missing You

The way you would listen to every word I'd say

Is one of the things I miss every single day.

The way you would hold me so warm and so tight

That would make everything in the world seem just right.

The stolen glances, the long loving stares

How you were always there when it seemed no one else cares.

How no matter what, you'd always make me smile

How you were my inspiration to make it through every trial.

It seemed so perfect our future right there in our hands

Just how much you meant to me on one understands.

You're happier now I guess I should be too

...But the fact of the matter is I'm missing you.

Seeing you so happy makes life hard for me to bare

Knowing we could have made it but you don't even care.

The hardest part is losing the trust we both had

Now knowing you don't confide in me makes me so sad.

I'm over you but yet my love is still true

...But the fact of the matter is I'm missing you.

So if you happen to meet someone new and fall in love so deep

I hope that our memories in your heart you will keep.

They were the happiest time of my life and I accept the fact we are through

...But the fact of the matter remains I'm missing you.

-Trina Coleman-

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I want to Say More than Just "I Love You"

Sometimes it's not enough just

to say "I Love You"

Even though I do love you.

I feel I need to express more,

because there is so much more

to our relationship.

Sometimes I need to tell you that

you're the love I live for,

you're my dream made into reality.

Yours are the arms that

I want to hold me close,

and it's your smile that I want

to bring a ray of sunshine in my life,

to even the darkest of my days.

You are the one who tells me to

count to ten and keep believing in myself.

You tell me to believe in you and in us.

You have become a part of my life

I never want to live without,

and as long as I'm still living,

and as long as you always care,

I want you to know that I

will always be here for you,

to pick you up when you  fall,

to dry your tears,

and bring the smile back

upon your face,

I will do anything for you.

This is a special time in my life

for you are sharing it with me

and I just want to say more than just

"I Love You"

-Sherri Emily Avery-

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Remember When

Tears start forming in your eyes

that's when I ask you what's on your mind

How we are now, so far apart,

It makes you wonder, what's left for your heart.

I slowly wipe your tears away

My soul is telling me, things will be okay.

My heart is saying...

remember when, our eyes met,

on that cold November ocean's set.

remember when we held each other tight,

as we walked together into the night.

Just don't give up, we'll start to look back,

and remember when.

I still believe you're the one.

Though troubles and worries, things left undone.

My heart begins to open, letting you inside.

That's when things get better, our love no longer has anywhere to hide.

So open your eyes and see our special love.

I know things are rough, but don't give up.

Let my eyes fill you with trust.

Look deep within them, and remember when...

remember when, you told me you loved me.

All those nights that we were so lonely.

Our love for each other is deep within,

just open your heart, like you did back then,

and always my love...

Remember when.

-Bo Race-

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Dreams of You

I woke early your kiss still on my lips,

it lingered, the taste still sweet.

I touched my lips with a fingertip,

wanting to feel it, wanting it to keep.

I turned and I felt your arms around me,

strong and gentle arms wrapped around my soul.

afraid to move out of fear the feeling would leave,

I need your arms to keep me from the cold.

I try to open my eyes in hopes of seeing you,

lying here next to me in sweet sleep.

but you wouldn't be here, this I knew,

so I keep them closed and I begin to weep.

I reached out to touch your warm skin,

in hopes I wasn't dreaming of you being here.

the dreams fill my nights again and again,

invading my sleep and seeming so real.

I open my eyes and I begin to smile,

and I realize my love, you are here with me.

here in my heart, where you have been all the while,

I give in to the sleep so I can see you in my dreams.


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Thinking of You

When sitting at home, in class, or my bed,

visions of you overflow in my head.

While lying outside watching each star,

I come to wonder how you stole my heart.

then I consider all we've been through,

how you were there for me when our friendship was new.

As a ray of sunlight touches my face,

I think of the warmth in your everlasting embrace.

When I walk along in the soothing rain,

knowing you has been my every gain.

As I stroll up the shore and the waves hit the sand,

it's like the beat of my heart when we walk hand in hand.

if we were ever separated I don't know what I'd do,

every breath I breathe I'm thinking of you.

-Nate S.-

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I Thought of You

As I walked through the empty corridor

leaving class, I thought of you.

Somewhere between English & History

my thoughts swam into the shallow water.

Memories showed themselves like they

had never left.

Prayers still haven't been answered to

surmount the courage to forget you.

Your familiar face still lurks

in  the shadows of the hushed nights.

Love songs still whisper your name

& I feel the embraces that once existed.

It feels like a century since we've spoken & your face is growing dim.

I try not to ponder where you are

or what you're doing.

But at times like these you appear.

It suddenly feels like you were a mirage

things came & gone like summer.

The cold has set in as winter

has staked its boundaries.

My heart slowly heals, but drowns

in the tides of skepticism.

How can I believe again?

When I felt the honesty in your touch?

I have grown stronger.

I have learned and grieved.

I have come a long way from months ago.

But in desolate times, I think of you.

-Whitney Brooke Silver-

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The Time is now

If you're ever going to love me,

love me now while I can know.

The sweet and tender feelings,

which from true affections flow.

Love me now while I am living,

do not wait until I'm gone.

And then have it chiseled in marble,

sweet words on ice cold stone.

If you have tender thoughts of me,

please tell me now.

If you wait until I am sleeping,

never to awaken,

there will be death between us,

and I won't hear you then.

So if you love me even a little bit,

let me know it while I am living,

so I can know and treasure it.


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You Are the Reason

You are the dawn of every day to me,

the hope that sees me through

the light that guides the way for me,

the love that's always true.

You are the joy that fills the heart of me,

the dreams I'm dreaming of,

you'll always be a part of me,

you'll always be my love.

You are the reason for my tomorrows

you are the reason for today,

you are the reason for my life's living,

you are the reason for my life's complete.

You are the joy I have come to know,

the comfort I depend on,

you are the friend I share my dreams with,

you are the reason.

-Larry S. Chengges-

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Another Love Will Come...

When someone you love

leaves you alone;

the world feels like it's crumbling,

your heart turns to stone.

It's easier to turn to anger

than to face the truth in their eyes.

You may not have had the right love

if your loved one was filled with lies.

Wring it out of your heart,

let the tears freely fall.

There will be someone who comes along,

who will be better after all.

It's hard to think of it happening,

while you're hurting for the one you've lost.

But love has a way of overcoming

no matter what the cost.

Open the channels of your heart.

Give love a chance to come back in.

You'll find more than you lost

when you give love a chance to win!

-Marge Tindal-

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All I Can't Say

There's so much I can't say

when I look into your eyes.

I'm worried you'll reject me

and hurt my foolish pride.

Each day this love grows stronger,

but I could never let you know.

There's so much behind my smile

that I could never show.

I'd hold you for a life time,

if you would let me in.

I'd love you like no other,

but you don't understand.

Every time I see you

you are holding her.

The pain is like a knife

cutting deep into my soul.

So I'll dream of us together,

of just how it could be.

And all that you are

will remain a silent part of me.

-Erica Dione Barnard-

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Friendship or Love?

The nights are so long.

The days so sad.

Not knowing what we lost,

Not knowing what I had.

I think of you for hours.

Your lips I just can't kiss.

You're the one I want.

You're the one I'd miss.

Although we talk of friendship,

I always think of love.

Hoping we could have more,

Not just a friendly shove.

You tell me of your problems.

I listen with open ears.

I'd like to tell you mine,

But I'll always have fears.


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I Remember

When I looked in your eyes,

I knew it was true.

My heart never lies--

I was in love with you.

As you stood there

just looking around,

my whole body melted

into the ground.

I remember the day,

I remember the time,

I remember the place,

it is always on my mind.

You looked so good,

in your shirt and jeans.

I remember that night,

you were in my dreams.

I wish I could be with you

day after day,

because I love you more

than words can ever say.

-Stephanie Angnasani-

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I Miss You

I look up at the stars in the dark night sky

And wonder are you looking at these same stars?

Oh how I long to be with you, lying in your arms

Never before did I think I could miss someone this much

I didn't realize what you meant to me until you were gone

This week I learned how miserable my life would be without you

Are you thinking about me while away having fun?

I haven't stopped thinking about you for a single second

I can't wait for the day when I see you again

But until that day I'll have to continue missing you

-Cynthia Wells-

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My heart begins to flutter

Like a butterfly who's shut in

Whenever you walk by me

My head begins to spin

To hear your voice is magic

It thrills me to the core

I could listen to you for hours

And never want anything more

A touch of your hand

Sends me soaring high

A smile in my direction

And I sigh a contented sigh

Do you know how much I love you?

How is it you can't see?

I try to tell you in little ways

But you just don't see me

I think you love me in return

But the only way I'll know

Is if you get the courage

And your love for me you'll show

Please tell me if you feel the same

I think that you do

I would give the world to say

"Yes, I love you, too".

-Angela Palmer-

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True Love Never Goes Away

With all my love, with all my heart.

I wish that we would never part.

But as days pass, as time goes by,

I start to think and wonder why.

Why when our paths crossed there was a spark,

but now our love just seems out in the dark.

It was so joyous and seemed so right,

now it fills my mind with fright.

And with my mind so full of fear,

I wonder if our end is near.

And if it is I wish to say,

I will always love you in some sort of way.

And with that love that means so much,

it makes me wish I had you to clutch.

With you to clutch I could finally say.

I found my true love,

one that will never go away.

-Nick Burgmeier-

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I'm Falling in Love

Every time I see your face and I hear your voice,

It stirs up feelings inside that I've never felt before.

Was it the words you said that made me feel this way?

Maybe it was the touch of your hand,

and the smile on your face.

I think I'm falling in love with you.

Is this love that I'm feeling inside?

Is this love that is burning my heart,

And keeping me up at night.

Oh, Lord, I don't even know what to do.

I think I'm falling in love with you.

I always lose control when you're by my side.

You have become the light of my life.

I always enjoy the time I spend with you.

Because nothing makes me feel the way you do.

I think I'm falling in love with you.


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I Will Miss You

I thought before I first saw you,

I knew what love was.

That, I later found, to be false.

You showed me the meaning of true love.

I loved you with all my heart,

I gave you everything I had to give.

I thought our love would last a lifetime,

I was the only one, though,

You already knew it wouldn't be forever.

You tried to tell me.

I always chose not to listen.

I only heard what my heart was telling me.

If I could go back in time and change things,

I wouldn't, I always want the memories

of you and I together, the way we were-

Happy for the most part.

I love you still,

And I always will.

But today my life starts over,

Starts over without you.

This will be a tough journey for me,

But I know I will make it.

Life does go on.

-Rena' Du Bois-

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Forget Me Not

I tried to be strong when you broke my heart...

I did not cry, yet now I do; for we're apart.

You told me you loved me- so sweet and sincere...

You made me so happy,  I had nothing to fear.

As time went by, what we had flourished and spread...

All was unspoken, no words needed to be said.

And then came a day, when something went wrong...

All I knew I could do was hold on and be strong.

It was so sudden; you gave no reason of why...

I felt so numb and empty inside; I just wanted to die.

Sadness consumed me, yet I fought to stay whole...

I took so much for granted, and this was my toll.

Blinded by confusion, I felt so lost and helpless...

And then there was you, someone so kind and so selfless.

My one true friend- I give you thanks for all you have done.

You mean the world to me; you're my moon, my stars, and my sun.

And once again I have lost another friend;

All I can do is wish that we'll soon meet again.

I hope that I'll meet with all who I love,

In that great place called Heaven, right up above.

-Terry Le-

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Will You Miss Me?

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

Or will you keep living your life

Just like nothing ever occurred?

Why can't I see today how you will feel tomorrow?

Will you miss me?

Will I be just a bad memory of the past,

A freak like you who couldn't take it any longer,

Or will you remember me with joy in the soul?

I'm sure gonna miss you girl.

In this life and all the others that will come,

I sure can't hide my feelings for you,

Even though it hurts like nothing else.

Who cares, anyway, you

Please show me what you feel for me;

Do it before I disappear in this life.

I'm almost gone now;

Soon I'll be gone forever,

And then you might see what I felt.

But then it will be too late,

Since I won't be there anymore.

You were the dream of my life, but that wasn't really true.

It showed up to be something else;

You weren't like all the others.

You were considered a freak,

But this didn't matter to me.

I still loved you like nothing else in this world.

It was so strange that I couldn't forget you.

Perhaps I should try, but it won't work.

I've tried so many times;

But it doesn't matter, I can't forget you at all.

Believe me, I'm not lying to you.


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Love Lost

The wind flows through my hair

And dries the tears from my face

I look around at all the beauty

And think of how it was then

When you loved me with your heart

And promised to never leave

But that was then and this is now

Your love for me is somehow gone

That promise you had made

Is no longer for me to have

To never love you again

That's why my tears fall

To never have that promise

Belong to my heart only

Your love taken from me

In my world of happiness

Never to be at my side

Or in my arms during the night

The wind so cold I shiver

Does not dry the tears

-Sara Birkett-

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A Fool Like Me

Why does it hurt so bad

to lose something I never had

To have these feelings and nothing to do

just sit around and wait for you

Why is it so hard to move on

knowing what we had is gone

Is there a place where happiness is

Even though there's still a fizz

In my soul when you are around

your name is a beautiful sound

Now all I can do is wonder

I lost it all in one little blunder

By not telling you how I really feel

trying to act like it's no big deal

Now I know the nature of my errors

I just wish I could get rid off my cares

Yet I can't now my heart won't let me

get rid off a person who fills me with glee

Just by hearing her sweet name

Knowing my feelings are still the same

I must move on to a new life

Leaving behind my feelings and the strife

I am only human and I am weak

But for you there was a beautiful streak

I would do anything to repent the day

When you hung on my words waiting to say

What I really wanted from you

I chose the wrong words for an excuse

Now I am on a new track

I know now I can't have you back

No matter what I do or how I try

I have lost the apple of my eye

-Craig Harrell-

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More Than Friends

People always say that friendships should be treasured.

But I want something more with her.

My love for her could never be measured.

I only wish she could see how I feel.

So I wonder, what can I do?

Can I just be friends with her?

Or can I say to her, "I'm falling for you,"

And lose her friendship forever?

So is there any hope here or I should let my love for her end?

No matter how it all turns out, I'll always be her friend.

-Matt Whitaker-

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How Was Your Day?

We are friends from far away.

When we talk we always have something to say.

Our lives so different yet the same.

every night we play the game.

We talk of families and about our day.

I always wonder if there's more to say.

Could it have been different for you and I?

Or was fate decided before we could have tried?

For now we play our parts, that's all that's left;

never knowing if our hearts would have met.

Two people from far away, always asking, "How was your day?"


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I Love You, My Friend

Shall I run or hide

And die inside

Or pretend

That I never knew you, even as a friend?

Can I go back in time,

Before your hand was in mine,

Or erase the kiss,

That I will forever miss,

Or forget your eyes

That seem to hypnotize?

Can my mind erase

The feel of your embrace?

How can I forget all of this

And pretend it doesn't exist?

I want you to know one thing that will never end-

my love for you.   I love you, my friend.

-Lynn   Smiley-

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Just Friends

We enjoy each other's company

but for the most part, we avoid it.

We pretend there is nothing there.

We're just friends.

Every time we meet, it's awkward at first.

We check our guard and put up the walls.

We're just friends that's all.

We call each other on the phone,

and always have a good excuse for doing so.

Do friends need an excuse?

You remind me that "We must be careful",

"We can't go there", you say.

The rules have been set,

and we live by them.

We sit and talk for hours,

two sets of blue eyes interlocked

and neither turns away.

I hang on your every word.

Your simple presence in a room,

gives my life a purpose.

Add your voice and a smile,

and I melt away.

The thought of you touching me

makes my body scream  out with yearning.

But we're just friends, right?

Why do I feel it's more?

Are we in self-inflicted denial?

Our past hurts have made us so afraid,

We'd rather be lonely than to take that chance again.

I wish I could tell you how I really feel inside.

That I'd be willing to take that chance

To be more than just your friend.

I know you sense this, as I do,

but it's easier to pretend.

Saying it would make it real

and you'd run away and hide from me.

So I'll try and keep the flood gates closed

and be content that you let me be,

Just your friend.


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To Know

I ache for your touch

I long for your tender embrace,

I want to feel that one kiss,

To feel you holding me,

Feeling your lips against mine,

To know your heart beats in time with mine.

I want to know if you care,

If you love,

If you dream,

If you long for a kiss as well as a touch,

I want to know if your heart longs for mine.

-Deborah Grijalva-

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Friendly Love...

With your presence

I am complete.

Just your very essence

Happily my heart beats.

Our love moved mountains,

Our sky shined blue, even when gray.

Love flowed like water from fountains.

In our hearts, we love, to this day.

Now friends, but still going strong.

Our shoulders are there for each other,

When in our world there is wrong.

Our friendship- like no other.

Sometimes weird, or strange,

Somehow we pull through the hard times,

Through friendship- we grow and change.

No matter how far or how long ago,

My love will still be yours,

In time to let go.

I will always love you,

for you- I am here,

Whether in spirit, mind, body

Shall you ever shed a tear.

Your angel will always be near!


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What Should I Do?

For you,

I would gladly walk a mile,

if that would give me a chance

to see you smile.

I'd call you my friend,

but that's a lie.

You mean more to me,

but I can't explain why.

For you are more precious to me

than all of the world's gold,

but I can't tell you that,

how can I be that bold?

If I spoke what's on my mind,

would you accept me?

Because without you,

I don't know where I'd be.

You seem to be calm,

while I feel absolutely lost.

I would like to be so bold,

but what would its failure cost?

Am I the only one faced with this choice?

Be daring and risk losing you as a friend too?

I can't risk that; I'd rather have that than lose everything.

What should I do?

-Minuk Choi-

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Many Unsaid Things

There were so   many things I did not say

When I looked into your eyes

The things I think about each day

Would take you by surprise

The wonders of what we could share

Still powder in my mind

I wondered if I could tell you how much I cared

And I guess I ran out of time

Now your face is not stopping me

From telling you how I feel

Maybe this is the way it should be

So I'll try and keep it real

We have known each other for quite some time

And we're recently good friends

We were a couple for awhile

But we know that never really lasts

I always felt as if my heart was on trial

And now it's a thing of the past

I want that love we once shared again

If it was ever there

I know that I had loved you

But did you really care?

Sometimes I wish you would talk to me

About the things you feel

Then maybe someday I'll understand

How you've learned to deal

I've often wondered what it would be like

To feel your warm embrace

To kiss your soft sweet lips

Or have your touch upon my face

But now I am gone and I'll never know

How wonderful it would be

To have the sweetest love

That you would share with me

So many things I think about

You probably never knew

A lot of many unsaid things

That I have never told you.

-Jacquilyn Flory-

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One Day You'll See

The first time I saw you,

I knew you were the one.

There was no question  in my mind,

after having that much fun.

There's just something about you,

that I've never found before.

And now that we're good friends,

I found myself wanting more.

I never thought it possible,

to care for one so much.

But everyday that passes,

I long to feel your touch.

To look into your eyes,

would make my day complete,

cause every time you look at me,

my heart just skips a beat.

Everything I'd wish for,

every dream I'd hope come true,

I never thought would happen,

until the day that I met you.

I know that you're not ready,

for the kind of commitment that I am,

but for you I'd wait forever,

there's nothing I can't stand.

Although it hurts to know,

that you don't feel the same as me,

hopefully one day you'll realize,

one day you'll wake up and see.

-Love Bugg-

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Feelings for you are so real.

I love the way you are,

and the way you make me feel.

Your warm hugs, and your tender kiss,

your sweet words, and that's what I miss,

When we are together the time is precious.

Every time you leave I hate to see you go.

Maybe life will be a little kinder,

by letting us spend more time,

getting to know one another

and enjoying each other's embrace.

-Emma E.-

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I Never Really Had You

I glance up at the start sky

My lips were cold and blue

Tears running down my cheek

Because all I could think of was you

From the first time I had seen you

You had stolen my heart

I knew I couldn't live without you

Or bear to be apart

You were so beautiful

All I could do was stare

I couldn't tell you my feelings

Because I knew you wouldn't care

So you never knew how I felt

Because I never let you see

The light that was glowing

Very bright inside me

So whenever I talk to you

Or hear what you have to say

I'm standing here right next to you

But I feel a million miles away

But what really hurts the most

Is the fact that I finally know

I'll never be your Prince Charming

Or your Romeo

Now I felt I lost you

But that's not really true

I never really had you

Because you didn't love me too


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Love is feeling you cannot control,

it's something that weakens

your whole body and soul,

it's hard to express, it's hard to explain

but when your love leaves

it will leave you in pain.

Love is a feeling that you're meant to share,

so let your love flow to someone you care.

don't hold it inside it's not meant to be,

just open your heart and set your love free.


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Always With You

As I gaze upon the stars lying within the night,

And the sweet scent of lilacs drown me,

Does the cold remind me of your warm touch,

And the stars, of the flames in your eyes.

I can but dream of yet another day,

When I can feel your sweet embrace,

And the beat of my heart,

That skips with every glimpse of you.

Every moment with you is a time I reminisce;

Every second my eyes stare at yours:

Only this is bliss... only this is happiness...

And only this is true: It shall always be shared with you.

-Austin Guu-

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What is love without devotion?

Unexpressed sorrow, faithfulness, and love,

Within one's emotion;

All the joy and happiness of love,

Sent from the angels of heaven above,

Knowing for eternity, we'll last forever;

The memories of ups and downs we shared together,

Those happy days that passed us by,

Those happy tears felt in our eyes,

The many smiles seen on our faces,

The soft touch of our grace,

Upon which all the days of the year,

Makes up all the love that brought us here.

Our  truth so deep, our love we keep...

"Faith, love, and truth," I quote, is our emotion,

Love can't be felt without devotion.

-Lisa Ha-

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We've been through a lot to finally be together,

And now that we are, I hope we last forever;

I pray that faith can guide us to the end,

And our love strong enough to get us past battles it will defend;

Many things to say, many feelings to feel,

The moon will collapse upon us if our love is not real;

You know that the way I feel is true,

My love in which words can never express enough is for you;

Will someday shine,

The moments we have ahead of us: I'll treasure, the past: I will leave behind;

I hope you can understand and be sincere,

That I'll never fall for anyone else, there is no need to fear;

I know that you care, but don't worry much,

No love is more true, than the world we touch;

I want us to be happy, just you and I,

Only the stars, if they never shine again, can make us say "Good-Bye".

-Lisa Ha-

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Love Him Forever

Love him always, love him tender.

Love him now, love him forever.

Tell him now, how you feel.  Saying "I love you" IS a big deal.

Warm his heart, as he does for you.  Smile for him, show your love is true.

His priceless smiles, his perfect eyes. His adoring love for you, the best surprise.

Although your love should never die, if you don't love him now, he'll make you cry.

A simple hug, a simple kiss. A loving smile, such peaceful bliss.

Love him always, love him tender.

Love him now, love him forever.

-Chicky Nikki-

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I Wish...

I wish you were here, with me right now

To see my love for you, to share it somehow.

I wish I could hold you, touch your face, kiss your eyes.

Tell you I love you, show you I speak no lies.

I wish you were real, something I could touch.

And not just words I see, I need you so much.

I wish I could be with you till the world ends.

You're my true love, and my best friend.

-Chicky Nikki-

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Heart Break Ridge

I walk on the heart break ridge

with no one beside me

Only the wind ringing in the air

and the autumn leaves dancing

My heart is broken

and my soul is gone

I called out to the heavens

yet there's no one there

Only the echoes resonating

and the heart break ridge stands still

-Harry Wang-

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Every time I see your letters

I felt your touch running through me

Every time I hear your voice

it made me feel

you and I are getting closer

that's why it hurts so much

when you didn't write me

I'm naked standing in the rain

not caring

I'm still going to believe

that you love me

that's why it will hurt so much

if you leave me

love you more so each day

tempted heart can not wait

urge to rush by your side

running through my veins,

that's why it hurts so much

not knowing where you are.

can not let this love run wild

for this heart only can be broken once

How do I know this love is true

when you would not let me in

hundred letters thousand words

speak to you in poetry

more I let you in my soul

more I love you each day

wonder if you feel the same

crazy passion in my dreams

wild as I am about you

as you were about me

In the morning I would praise

our friendship shall  never die

if your love is bitterness

I'd drink it without hesitation

that's why it hurts to tell you so

I have nowhere to turn but to go

-Harry Wang-

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Let the morning come to me,

in the ways I can't possibly imagine before.

Let your glory shine in my eyes,

awaken the endless dream.

Why is my soul restless?

Nowhere can I end the search.

Why does the night seem boundless?

Nowhere can I find myself.

What's pondering into that endless night?

my love, my heart can't wait until the sunrise.

I'd rather be dreaming tonight,

sleeping can wait

until we die.

-Harry Wang-

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Your Smile

what courage it takes,

to face life with a smile.

I don't know.

but yours is the best I've seen

that's memorable

that's shinning in my memory,

ever since I've seen a glimpse of it.

It was like the gentle wind.

dancing over the sea.

the worries in my life disappeared

in this momentary peace.

now I find myself in distress,

worrying about when I'll see it again.

-Harry Wang-

flowerline.gif (824 bytes)flowerline.gif (824 bytes)

Please Forgive me

After you left my side,

Many things came to mind, that I could have said,

But I was unable, because of embarrassment and pride,

So unhappily I choose, to keep my silence instead.

Gone forever, is the love I once saw in your eyes,

Leaving me barren and alone, a man waiting for the grave,

To walk the earth empty of the feelings, I can no longer deny,

Showing the world around me, a poor act at being brave.

I didn't stop you, though I only wanted to hold you  tight,

Never to utter a single word, of the love I felt for you,

Now my days are in darkness, for you were my only light,

Left to fill my lonely days, with the idleness I now pursue.

Why didn't I ask you not to go, the fault was all mine,

When without reason or cause, you heard the words I spoke,

They were my frustrations speaking what was on my mind,

I didn't understand your feelings, nor the hurt they did provoke.

It was always the love you shared with me, that I needed,

Never giving a thought, to the love I should have shown to you,

Selfishly I ignored the many signs, I should have heeded,

I lost you to my ignorance, and it is that day I now rue.

My darling, my love, is it too late for our love to heal,

Can we not begin again, building trust, slowly as friends,

Is your love for me equally the same, so painful to conceal,

Must we suffer from broken hearts, when our love is able to transcend.

I recognize the errors of my way, and the wrong I have done,

So I beg your forgiveness, hoping you will take me back again,

wanting to hear you say, those wonderful words, please come,

But I have harmed your trust, and for this my heart is slain.

-Wicker Ron-

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When I Think of Love

When I think of love, you are always on my mind,

And when I speak of love, it is you, I try so hard to define;

My every waking and dreaming thoughts are of you, my dear,

For it is your image I see, even when you are not near;

Your voice I hear, being carried on each gentle wind,

Like the floating enchanted notes played on a violin;

Their tones, rising and falling, oh the music it creates,

Filling my very heart and soul, with love as it sensually pulsates;

the intoxicating fragrance of your bewitching perfume

Haunts my loneliness, and my senses are helplessly consumed;

The beating of my heart is fueled by your alluring charms,

Waiting for that day, when I can, again hold you in my arms.

-Wicker Ron-

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Loveless and Alone

The very sound of your voice makes my heart sing,

And it is the silence of your absence that stings;

Gone these many minutes, these hours and these days,

Permitting my imagination to have its painful way;

Sadly, I dreamt you were gone, you left not a word,

And no matter how quietly I listened, nothing was heard;

I called your name loudly throughout the fading light,

But I only heard the echo, in the dark still night;

Where have you gone, my heart is sorely breaking,

Was it something I did, and your absence is my making;

or is it another you have found, more pleasant than I,

And this is your way to tell me farewell and goodbye;

give me another chance to correct my mistakes, let me alone,

For I cannot face the world without you, loveless and alone.

-Wicker Ron-

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Me and You

How wonderful it has been for me,

That you are in this world for me to see,

Filling my days with your tenderness and charm,

Ever at my side, going through life arm in arm,

Enjoying the trials and adventures we have shared,

Showing each other, daily that we have cared

for one another, with a feeling that still grows,

Building to the love that we now both know.

How strange it was, the way we met,

Searching for a love, we had not found, then yet,

Looking and finding for what we wanted in one another,

Becoming first just friends, and then lovers.

The years we have had together, are a small few,

But all were filled, with a constant two, me and you.

-Wicker Ron-

starline.gif (3365 bytes)


The hour has come, it's time for me to say goodbye,

If I only say- so long- it would wrongly imply

That we might meet again, on another day,

But I don't think it is in the cards we are given to play;

We each has our own paths, we must certainly follow

And we will follow this course, through happiness and sorrow,

Making the best of each situation we have to face,

Never looking back to this day, or returning to this place.

Yesterday's actions and deeds, along with the words I spoke

Are today, just old memories of promises I broke;

When I said, I will always remain at your side,

It is just another bitter example of how I lied.

We could continue walking this path hand in hand,

Hoping, that in our travels we would find a wonderland;

But we are different, because I see shadows and you see light,

Where you accept life, I see it as a never ending fight;

I loved you when we first met, so like Romeo and Juliet,

And my feelings for you remain the same, without one regret,

But my love, though my intentions are always good, and I try,

I would only hurt you further, so I must say goodbye.

-Wicker Ron-

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You Are Special to Me

For a long time now, I have wanted to tell you

what a difference knowing you has made in my life.

Although we have separate lives now,

and seldom see each other,

I have many pleasant memories of our time together.

The curve of your sweet smile,

the twinkle in your eyes,

the way the wind flows through your hair,

the sound of your laughter,

the taste of your lips.

Those memories will remain with me--always.

Thank you really doesn't seem like it is enough to say.

I owe you so much

for being my friend and so much more--

for showing me what patience means,

for allowing me to be part of your life,

for opening my eyes to the beauty

and love in the world.

In thanking you for all you have been

and all you mean to me, remember this--

You will always have a special place

in my heart.


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The Dream

I'm lying here in the darkness

My eyes close

My mind slowly fades away

Then there you are so real

I reach out to touch you, but I can't

I can almost feel the softness of your skin

Your strong hands reach out to me

I feel the warmth coming from your body

I hear the sweetness of your voice

Just to touch your skin

Just to feel your body against mine

My eyes slowly open

I then realize that the warmth of your body

Was the warmth of the sun

I then realize that the sweetness of your voice

Was the sweetness of the morning


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Here's a little poem,

for my little Piglet.

How can I say,

what I truly feel.

For I don't know,

the right words to use.

To describe the feelings,

I have for you.

You came into my life,

on one Autumn day.

And ever since then,

my life has been changed.

How lucky I am,

sometimes I've thought.

To know such a person,

as sweet as you.

My sweet little Piglet,

how I've missed you so.

The lovely sound of your voice,

has cheered me up.

Your sweet, sweet laughter,

has cured my sickness.

I've thought about you,

each day and night.

Together with you,

is all I wish.


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