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My Dad

When I was just a tiny kid,

Do you remember when,

The time you kissed my bruises,

Or cleaned my soiled chin?

You scrambled for the balls I hit,

(Short-winded more than not,)

Yet, every time we'd play a game,

You praised the "outs" I caught.

It seems like only yesterday,

You wiped away my tears,

And late at night I called your name,

To chase away my fears.

Though time has changed your handsome grip,

Your hair is snowy white,

You gait's a little slower now,

Thick glasses help your sight.

Oh, do I thirst for years gone by,

To be that growing lad,

Re-living all of the memories,

Of growing with my dad.


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You've told me about responsibility

You've helped me be an adult

your love was glistening in your eyes when I was born

that you had a son that you can call your own

day after day you taught me things about life

Even though you were gone a lot you are my life

You're a great dad and I'm blessed

you have great patience and understanding

Not many dads are like the one I got

In fact none are like you

You're my special Dad

I remember when you played made snow men hockey rinks together

everything I remember is good.

I remember the laughter

I remember the smiles

And most of all I remember the love

Of the best Dad a son could have.


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My Father Who loves to Love Me

For my father who's special to me.

Whose smile is as warm as a blue flame.

And crystal brown eyes,

hide beneath brown framed glasses.

Who minded least of all when I made a mistake.

and would brighten my day when it was gloomy.

Whose songs of melody sounded like a dream.

And to my father who loves to love me.

-Brittany Madore-

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